The Princess in the Clouds

The Princess in the Clouds – a Children’s Story

On the surface, this is a lovely and innocent love story between a young princess, who lives in the clouds and a young boy, who lives below on earth and out of her reach.

The symbolism of this children’s story lovingly expresses gratitude for all the gifts that the Earth provides her children. The Princess embodies the generous giver of Mother Nature’s bounty, sharing clouds, wind, rain and sunshine with all the inhabitants of our planet. But in truth, she can easily represent an Angel or any similar representation of the Divine. In the story, her love focuses on one boy, who represents the Earth’s children.

The story will, by its conclusion, gently introduce the idea of the soul’s ascension to the Heavens. The Princess in the Clouds, illustrated in a fun and friendly fashion, will hopefully open many potential conversations with your child.

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