Soul Journaling – Saving Atlantis

6 x 9 front cover

We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 3 of the Soul Journaling series titled “Soul Journaling – Saving Atlantis”.


Volume 3 continues the journey into the past life incarnations of the author, Karen Valiquette. This story goes way back to almost 11,000 B.C.




The year is 10642 B.C. and this is to be the Master Architect’s most challenging incarnation. Life in the utopian world that he lovingly created over 500 years earlier, now known as Atlantis, was beginning to unravel.

The egalitarian society that he so carefully shepherded was starting to show signs of a darker ego emerging as technology and greed were developing rapidly. Something had to be done or this great society would be lost forever.

For Karen, this life is one of a young new soul, eager for adventure and love. She finds this and, perhaps, more than she would have liked to have experienced.

Soul Journaling is a series of books based on the past lives of the author, Karen Valiquette. For many, exploring past lives is a welcomed opportunity. For others, it would require suspending disbelief. Regardless of your beliefs, this series provides powerful and compelling stories filled with subtle lessons we can all appreciate.

Remember, we are all connected.


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