Soul Journaling – The Journey Continues


We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 2 of the Soul Journaling series titled “Soul Journaling – the journey continues”.

Volume 2 continues the journey into the past life incarnations of the author, Karen Valiquette. This story entails the next life incarnation after the first book and takes place in 1600s Turkey.


It’s 1633 and Annakiya is on the run, trying to save her life.

Annakiya was sold into slavery at nine, when she was taken from her father in Tunisia. To her, it seemed like life wasn’t worth living — until she found refuge in the home of a sympathetic owner. She also found something she thought was completely out of her reach — love.

So why was she now trying to get away?

Fans of Karen Valiquette’s new series detailing past lives were spell-bound by her first book, “Soul Journaling – Lessons from the Past” based in 1500s France.

This sequel continues the journey with her next incarnation in Turkey during the 1600s.

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